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Ration Card – Applicability, Eligibility & E-ration Card Online

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08 min read.

Ration card in India is a popular document of address and identity proof, that makes Indian households eligible to purchase subsidised food grain from the Public Distribution System. e-ration card is a seamless facility provided by several state governments for households to obtain a ration card.

E-ration was first introduced in Delhi and has gradually covered states such as Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Only aadhaar cardholders can apply using e-ration card facility.

What’s Ration Card

  • A ration card is a document issued by the State Government which serves as a proof of nationality.
  • It is an important document which not only serves as an identity proof but also indicates an individual’s economic status.
  • It is a voluntary document and not compulsory for every citizen to obtain, but people generally apply for it as it is well-accepted identity proof and helps an individual avail various Government benefits through this scheme.

Ration cards have multiple categories which are issued by the earning capacity of an individual. Different states have different schemes but is based on an individual’s annual income.

Ration cards are issued based upon the total members in a family, and each category of the ration card determines an individual’s entitlement to certain rationed goods. Individuals with higher earning capacity (as fixed by the respective state Govt) cannot obtain rations at a subsidised cost.

How to apply for a new Ration Card

Each state Government has prescribed separate application forms which can be submitted manually or online for obtaining a ration card. Common procedures that are generally followed in most of the states are given below.


Listed below are the eligibility criteria for obtaining a ration card from the state government – An Individual:

  • Should be an Indian citizen
  • Should not hold ration card in other states
  • Live and cook separately
  • Applicant and member of the family must be close relatives
  • Should not possess any other family card in the same state

Documents required

Following are the list of documents to be submitted at the local ration office by the applicant:

  • Completed and signed application form
  • Identify proof of the applicant can be any of the following:
    • Election photo ID card
    • Driving license
    • Passport
    • Any other Govt issued ID card
  • Applicant’s current residence proof should be submitted which can be any of the following document:
    • Electricity bill
    • Telephone bill
    • Latest LPG receipt
    • Bank Pass Book
    • Rental agreement/  rent paid receipt
    • Photograph of the head of the family
    • Details about the annual income of the applicant
    • Old cancelled/surrendered ration card if any

The applicant is required to pay a basic minimum fee along with the application form. Once the application is submitted, the file is sent for field verification.

The officer in charge of verification has to inspect and certify the details submitted by the applicant for further processing.

This inspection has to be carried out generally within 30 days from the date of submission of the application. Once all the details are verified and confirmed by the officer, ration card is created and issued to the applicant based on their annual income.

If the application is rejected, a rejection letter is issued with reasons for the same to the applicant. In case of any false/ misleading information, the applicant would be liable for criminal prosecution and consequent punishment as prescribed under the law.

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How to transfer Ration Card

If an individual is shifted or relocated to a different city and the ration card has to be transferred from one state to another, then the individual has to submit an application to the nearest ration office in the new jurisdiction.

A written application has to be submitted along with proof of the new address (documents as listed above), and the necessary application fee has to be paid after which the transfer is processed.

Similarly, a new ration card is issued or modified when a woman in the family is married and moves to her husband’s house. For this purpose, the application has to be submitted to remove her name from the parent’s ration card and to add her name to the husband’s family card (marriage certificate has to be submitted for completing this procedure).

E-ration Cards

Some of the state Govts have introduced E-ration Cards through EPDS (Electronic Public Distribution System). An advanced Public Distribution System helps the public to locate the details of the ration goods and it’s availablee online through the EPDS platform.

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