SBI Account Number - How to Know Your SBI Account Number?

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Updated on: May 30th, 2024


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Account numbers are important data you need to provide during various processes, such as opening a new account, closing the existing one, sending it to someone else to receive payment, and more. However, it becomes difficult to remember these digits clearly due to their length. Read on to learn different ways in which you can check your SBI account number.

SBI Account Number

The SBI account number is a 11-digit number. There is no standard SBI account number or SBI account number format across the branches. SBI's account numbers usually start from the series of – 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 56, 66, 53, 63, 57, or 67. Saurashtra clients will have their SBI account numbers starting from - 56 or 66, 53 or 63.

How to Know My SBI Account Number?

There are several ways to know your SBI account number, which are as follows: 

  • Cheque book
  • Passbook
  • ATM Card details
  • Visiting bank branch
  • Calling Customer Care
  • Mobile Banking
  • Net Banking
  • Account statement

How to Know SBI Account Number Offline?

There are numerous ways in which you can check SBI account number offline:

  • Using Cheque Book: Usually, every cheque of the chequebook has your account number printed on it. The account number is even present on the first page of your chequebook. 
  • Using Your Passbook: The first page of your passbook includes all your personal and account details. So, just open the front page of your passbook to check it. 
  • Using ATM Card Details: You can get a printed version of your ATM card transaction details. The account number is printed on the printed receipt, helping you instantly access it. 
  • Visiting Bank Branch: It might appear time-consuming to you, but if your bank branch is nearby, you can visit it. You will get all the account details and other details if necessary there. 
  • Calling Customer Care: You can find your bank account number by calling the SBI customer care service at 1800-1234  or 1800-2100.

Additionally, there are several simple online methods which can help you check your account number in less than a minute.

How to Know SBI Account Number Online?

There are numerous online methods through which you can easily find out your SBI account number:

  • Through Mobile Banking: Through this option, you can easily access your account number. Mobile banking allows you to find out other lost account-related information as well. 
  • Using Net Banking Option: To know your SBI account number, visit the Net Banking site and log in using your credentials. Next, move to the ‘My Accounts’ tab to view your account number instantly. 
  • Using the SBI YONO App: SBI YONO is a comprehensive mobile app where you can get all banking facilities in a hassle-free manner. You can view the account number here by simply tapping on the ‘Accounts’ tab.
  • Viewing Account Statement: You will also find your bank account number in your transaction statements. To easily get these statements you can proceed through Net Banking or the SBI YONO app. 

How to Know SBI Account Number without Passbook?

Even though you cannot access your passbook, there are several other ways in which you can get your SBI account number. You can easily access your account using the YONO SBI app, net banking, mobile banking, SMS, and mobile numbers. 

MICR for SBI Accounts

The MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) code is a 9-digit numerical code printed on the bottom of the bank cheque leaf. It is utilised for safe and effective payment across the industry.

Each bank is allocated a unique MICR code to easily identify and speed up the payment process. The first 3 digits of this code represent the city, the next 3 represent the bank, and the 3 three represent the specific branch where the account is held. 

After SBI merged with other associate banks, the MICR codes for the merged bank branches also changed. You can find the MICR codes on your chequebook.

Once you find your SBI account number, you can utilise it for various monetary transactions. There are numerous ways available to find your account number. You can use any of these offline or online ways to find out your account number and use it for the required purpose. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check my SBI account number?

You can use your SBI passbook, chequebook, ATM statements or other bank documents to access your account number. However, you can use various online methods as well for the process. 

How can I know my SBI account number through SMS?

There is currently no facility to know your account number through SMS. You can know your account number through your passbook or chequebook or by logging into your net banking account.

How can I get SBI account details from my mobile number?

There is currently no facility to know your account number through your mobile number. You can know your account number through your passbook or chequebook or by logging into your net banking account. 

How can I know my SBI account number by name?

You can visit the nearest branch of your bank and provide your name, date of birth and other details. This will help you get the account number instantly, which will help you use it for the necessary purposes. 

Can I find my SBI account number by calling SBI customer care?

Yes, you can call on the SBI customer care number to get your account number. The SBI customer care numbers are - 1800-1234  or 1800-2100.

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SBI account numbers are 11 digits long, starting with certain series. Methods to check them include using cheque book, passbook, ATM card details, visiting bank branch, mobile/online banking. MICR code aids in secure transactions. Various offline and online ways exist to find account number. Remember, merged SBI branches have new MICR codes.

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