SBI Home Loan Statement: How to Check and Download SBI Loan Statement?

By Mayashree Acharya


Updated on: Jan 30th, 2024


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A loan statement lets you know the important information about your existing loan directly from the lender. You should check your home loan statements every month to stay on top of your transactions, additional fees and charges, EMIs paid, outstanding balance and other details. 

You can check your SBI home loan statement anytime through online channels or physically from branches. Know how to check and download your home loan statement via online and offline modes below. 

SBI Home Loan Statement Certificate Online

SBI home loan customers can download/view their loan account statement certificate by following these steps:

Step 1: Sign in to the SBI Net Banking portal using your user ID and password.

Step 2: Click on ‘e-Services’, select ‘My Certificates’. 

SBI home loan certificate

Step 3: Click the ‘Home Loan Int. Cert.(Prov)’ option.

SBI home loan interest certificate

Step 4: Select your home loan account for which you want to get a statement.

Step 5: Now you can either view your certificate/statement or print it; you can also download the same as a PDF file.

SBI Home Loan Statement Certificate Physically

If you want to get your SBI home loan statement certificate physically, you have to call SBI customer care at one of the following toll-free numbers:

  • 1800 2100
  • 1800 1234
  • 1800 425 3800
  • 1800 11 2211

Alternatively, you can call this toll number- 080-26599990 to contact customer care. Then, request the bank representative to send you a physical home loan statement. You can also visit your nearest SBI branch to request a physical statement.

How to Get SBI Bank Home Loan Statement Offline?

To get an offline statement, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit your nearest SBI branch. Go to the loan section and ask the loan officer to give you the physical loan statement. 

Step 2: Fill out the required details on the form, including your email ID, date of birth, home loan account number, and other relevant details, and submit it to the counter. 

Step 3: Attach the required documents with the form. 

Keep in mind that only a loan applicant and his/her co-applicant can get this certificate by visiting an SBI branch. No one else can collect the loan account statement on your behalf.

How to Download SBI Bank Housing Loan Statement?

Visit the SBI Net Banking page and log into your net banking account with your username and password. Go to the ‘e-Services’ tab, click ‘My Certificates’ and click on the ‘Home Loan Int. Cert.(Prov)’. Now select the home loan account for which you want to download the statement. Download the housing loan account statement in PDF form.

Why Is SBI Bank Home Loan Statement Required?

You can keep track of your repayment schedule by checking your home loan account statement. You will be able to find the total amount paid and the total amount outstanding towards your housing loan. These things will help you to plan better for future repayments. You can also use the statement to plan out prepayments to lower your debt burden. 

Loan account statements allow you to keep track of your loan outstanding and paid balance regularly. SBI home loan statement is thus an essential document for customers who have taken loans from the bank. You can get your certificate any time around the year or download it online. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do you require your SBI home loan statement?

This statement is required to manage and track your home loan account effectively. In addition, you can track your transactions, repayment history, rate of interest, etc. If you see any errors in your account, you can report the problem to the lender.

When would I need an SBI interest certificate?

An interest certificate helps you to get deductions at the time of filing income tax returns. You can use this statement as proof to ask for deductions. Also, you can check some vital information like loan tenure, rate of interest, total outstanding, etc., from this document.

Where can I get the SBI home loan statement?

Simply log in to your SBI Net Banking account, and you can download your SBI home loan statement. Click on ‘Home Loan Int. Cert.(Prov)’ under the ‘My Certificates’ option from the ‘e-Services’ tab. Here, you can view/download your certificate.

How to get an SBI home loan interest certificate offline?

To get a physical certificate, visit the nearest branch of SBI. Apply with the necessary documents, including identification proof and required forms. After verification, the bank will issue a certificate for you.

What is the use of SBI home loan statements and provisional interest certificates?

A home loan statement helps to get an idea about both the outstanding balance and the total money paid. This document can be used to claim income tax deductions under Section 24(b) and Section 80C.

A provisional interest certificate provides a detailed break-up of the upcoming repayments (principal+interest) for the current financial year.

What are the benefits of having an interest certificate for an SBI home loan?

Interest certificates are very helpful in keeping track of your SBI home loan repayments, interest rates, the total amount paid, etc., regularly. You can use an interest certificate to claim income tax deductions.

Where can I download the SBI Provisional Interest certificate?

Simply log in to your SBI Net Banking account, and you can download your SBI home loan statement. Click on ‘Home Loan Int. Cert.(Prov)’ under the ‘My Certificates’ option from the ‘e-Services’ tab. Here, you can view/download your certificate.

Can I download and print the SBI Provisional Interest Certificate?

Yes, you can download your SBI provisional interest certificate as a PDF file from the bank’s Net Banking portal. You can print the PDF from any printer.

How to get the SBI Provisional Interest Certificate offline?

Visit your nearest SBI branch and apply with the required documents to get your Provisional Interest Certificate offline.

What is the difference between a home loan interest certificate and a provisional certificate?

A home loan interest certificate gives information about how much interest and principal amount you have paid to the bank in a financial year. This certificate is given at the end of the financial year.

On the other hand, your lender will issue a provisional certificate at the start of the financial year. It provides a detailed break-up of the upcoming repayments (principal+interest) for the current financial year.

How to get a provisional interest certificate from SBI through SMS?

Open the SMS app on your mobile and type ‘HLI <space>Account Number<space><4-digit code of account holder's choice to encrypt the PDF>’ and send it to 917208933145 from your registered mobile number.

Can I get a home loan provisional certificate without logging in?

To download your home loan provisional certificate without a login, you have to visit your nearest branch. Apply with the required forms and documents, and the branch will issue your certificate.

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To understand your home loan status, regularly check SBI loan statements online or by visiting a branch for key information. Learn how to view, print, or download your statement via online SBI banking or offline by visiting a branch. SBI statements help you track repayments, amounts paid, and outstanding balances. Make informed decisions regarding prepayments and manage your loan effectively.

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