How to download Voter ID ?

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When a citizen of India turns 18 years of age, they become eligible for voting. A Voter ID card is a photo identity card issued by the Election Commission of India. The Voter ID’s function is to serve as an identity proof of voters, increase efficiency and prevent fraudulent behaviour during a free and fair democratic election. The Voter ID card is also known as EPIC (Electors Photo Identity Card), election card or voter’s card.

Uses of a Voter’s ID

The Voter ID card is primarily is for identification during the casting of vote by an Indian citizen. However, it also serves as a government-issued identification proof for the holder. A Voter ID card can be used for instances which require an address proof as well. The Voter ID card is required in the case that the individual needs to update their address or for reinstatement in the case that they have been stricken off the Voting List. The Voter’s ID can also be used as identification to purchase international tickets in the case the individual is awaiting their passport. The ID can also be used to avail certain government schemes.


To be eligible for a Voter’s ID, an individual is primarily required to fulfil the three following conditions:
  1. Citizen of India
  2. 18 years of age
  3. Applicant must have a permanent address
Other criteria that an individual needs to make sure that they do not possess a criminal history or is financially bankrupt. It is of utmost importance that all the details furnished for in the Voter’s ID are accurate.  

Application for Voter’s ID and documents required

There are three methods an individual can use while applying for a Voter’s ID:

Online application-

  • Applicant must begin by visiting the national voter’s service portal (NSVP) website
  • Click relevant option to register of new voter id
  • The online ‘form 6’ will open, and applicants fill in all the details form 6 and submit the form
  • Additionally, the applicant must upload a photo and supporting documents with reference to Voter ID Card Status.

Semi Online application-

  • Applicant must begin by visiting the national voter’s service portal (NSVP) website
  • Download ‘form 6’ and fill the form with relevant details.
  • Submit the completed form 6 along with a photo and supporting documents at an Election Office near you by either post or in person.

Offline Application-

  • Applicant must visit the nearest State Election office and request for Form 6.
  • Fill ‘form 6’ with necessary details and provide all supporting documents such as Identity proof, address proof etc. The applicant may submit the completed form to the respective election office.
  • On verification of form, the Voter ID card will be issued.

Documents Required-

While applying for a Voter’s ID. The individual must ensure they have the following documents at the ready:
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address
  • Photograph

Voter ID Card Download – Online

  Voter ID card download can be done with these simple steps:  
    • Visit the official election website (
    • Choose the “Registration Link” to get the option to apply as a new voter
  • Click on Form 6
  • Fill in the required details like name, age and gender
  • Enter your current address and permanent address
  • Now attach all the supporting documents such as – identity proof and address proof
  • Fill in the Declaration form at the end
  • You will receive an application number via SMS and email on your registered email ID
  • You can use this application number to check the status of the Voter ID
  • Once the Voter ID card has been uploaded on the website, you can click the “Download” button for Voter ID download
Whether it is for fulfiling your duty as a citizen of the country or whether it is for possessing an identification proof, the Voter ID card is a must-have. So go ahead and apply for your Voter ID card now!