How To Close SBI Credit Card?

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Updated on: Apr 24th, 2024


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SBI credit card provides numerous discounts, cashback and exclusive offers, helping you save more on your purchases. However, if you want to maximise your benefits or you don't need the services of a credit card, you can even close the present card or upgrade to a new card. 

Read on to learn how to close SBI credit cards and understand the different options available.  

How To Close SBI Credit Card Online

The ways to close SBI credit card online are as follows:

  • Log in to the SBI’s Credit Card portal and click on ‘Card Closure Request’. 
  • Send an official email containing a credit card closure request.

Once done, a unique interaction number will be sent to your registered mobile number. You can use this number to complete your SBI credit card closure request. 

How To Close SBI Credit Card Offline

There are different ways to close your SBI credit card offline. These ways include:

Visiting Your Nearest SBI Branch

Go to the nearest SBI branch along with the necessary documents required to close your credit card. Request the representatives to provide you with the credit card closure form you must fill out accurately, providing all the necessary details. 

Calling Customer Care Number

You can opt to call the customer care toll-free number - 1800-180-1290. Calling this number will help you to connect with the customer care representative and request them to close your credit card. You will need to provide them with all the card-related information and some essential personal details when making the request. 

Writing a Cancellation Request

You even have the option to write a request letter for closing your credit card request. In it, you will have to mention your essential personal details and various car-related information. Once done, send the letter to your nearest bank branch so they can initiate the card closure process. 

How to Safeguard Yourself Against Fraudulent Transactions?

Here is how you can easily safeguard yourself against fraudulent transactions

  • Refrain from disclosing your credit card PIN: Ensure that you do not knowingly or unknowingly disclose your credit card PIN to unknown people. If you do so, they can use the card to make unauthorised transactions.
  • Save SBI customer care number: Keep the SBI customer care number (1800-180-1290) always saved on your device. Doing so ensures you can call them instantly to block transactions if your card goes missing. 
  • Avoid sharing card information online: Often, people ask you to share your card details online on the pretext of taking part in lucky draws or other events. Remember, it is just a trick to get access to your card details.
  • Transact only on secure websites: Many times, using your credit card for online shopping from fishy websites can lead to hacking of your card. Hence, make sure to share your card details only on authentic and secure sites.
  • Avoid carrying credit cards everywhere: If you carry your credit card everywhere, especially when travelling, it will lead to overspending and increase the chances of getting lost. So, carry it only when you are sure of using the card. 
  • Use licensed antivirus on your devices: There are scenarios when hackers can retrieve your card details simply by hacking your phone or laptop. Hence, use a licensed antivirus to keep your devices safe. 
  • Never use public computers for transactions: Since anyone can easily access public computers, they pose a threat to your sensitive financial information. So, refrain from using your card on public computers for transactions. 
  • Try to set different PINs for each card: Setting one PIN for all cards might simplify your task of remembering the PIN but can also put you at risk of fraud. Hence, set different PINs for each card so you can keep the PIN safe for your card.  

Consequences of Closing a Credit Card

Closing a credit card might, at times, have a harsh impact on your financial health. Some of the prominent consequences include:

  • Shortening of credit history: Upon closing your credit card, your credit history for that card gets deleted. Thus, even if you repay your bills on time, it will not be considered when calculating your credit score. 
  • Increase in credit utilisation ratio: After you close your credit card, the available credit decreases, leading to a sharp increase in your credit utilisation ratio. This can impact your credit score negatively. 
  • Termination of add-on benefits: Apart from the instant availability of funds, an SBI credit card offers you numerous benefits on dining, movies, etc. These advantages will expire once you close your card. 
  • Reduction in emergency money: A SBI credit card supplies you with instant funds whenever needed and allows you to repay it in simple EMIs. Hence, closing a credit card will remove your access to this emergency fund source. 

Undeniably, there are several positive consequences as well of closing your credit card that you must be aware of:

  • Pre-approved loan offers: With no outstanding debts to repay, financial institutions can offer you pre-approved loans up to a certain amount. You can avail them to meet your urgent monetary requirements. 
  • Competitive terms on loans: You can even request your lender for reduced interest rates and longer tenure on your loans, given that there are no ongoing credits that you will need to repay. 
  • Instant credit card approval: If you apply for a second credit card after closing the first one, you can get instant approval for it. You can even get quick loan approval if you meet the eligibility criteria. 
  • Higher loan amount: You can even go for a higher loan amount when applying for a loan to meet your urgent monetary requirements. Lenders usually approve of them since they know you can easily repay them on time.

Things You Must Consider Before You Close Your SBI Credit Card

In addition to the consequences, you must be aware of some other essential factors that are crucial to remember when closing an SBI credit card. These factors include:

  • Cancelling automatic payments: When closing your card, do not forget to cancel auto payments of various associated subscriptions. Otherwise, after closing, it can become a hassle to pay for your subscriptions. 
  • Paying off all outstanding dues: You must pay off all outstanding dues on your credit card. Otherwise, you cannot close or deactivate your SBI credit card. 
  • Checking credit card statements: Make sure to go through your transaction list once to check for any fraudulent transactions. If you identify them, report them to the customer care instantly. 
  • Redeeming accumulated bonuses: Before you close your card, make sure to redeem all your accumulated bonuses. This ensures there is no wastage of the bonuses or benefits you have earned. 
  • Not making new purchases on card: Since you have already planned on closing your credit card, making new purchases on it is meaningless. This is because you will have very little time to pay off all your outstanding debts. 
  • Saving card closing confirmation: Although saving your closed credit card information at present might make no sense, it will help you immensely in the long run. You can use this information if there is an unauthorised use of a card number after you close it. 

Does a Cancelled or Closed Credit Card affect your CIBIL Score?

Yes, upon closing or cancelling your credit card, the credit availability is reduced. This leads to an increase in your credit utilisation ratio even when your expenses remain the same. Thus, you will notice a prominent drop in your CIBIL score. So, when cancelling your credit score, make sure to reduce your credit utilisation as well. 

How to Reactivate a Closed SBI Credit Card?

SBI offers reactivation of a credit card to help you enjoy the benefits of the card. There are two ways of reactivating your SBI credit card. These include:

Calling Customer Care Number

The steps to reactivate a credit card by calling the customer care number is as follows:

  • Make a call at 1860-500-1290, 1860-180-1290 or 39-020202 (Prefix local the STD code).
  • Verbally request to reactivate your SBI credit card.

Via ‘Write to Us’ Portal

Below are the steps to reactivate a credit card:

  • Move to the ‘Email Us’ option on the SBI’s Credit Card portal.
  • Log in to the portal and open the online enquiry form.
  • Fill it out stating your credit card reactivation request.
  • Finally, click on the ‘Submit’ button. 

You can close or cancel an SBI credit card any day if you do not use it to pay or purchase. However, if need be, you can reactivate in the future to explore its benefits. So, once you know how to close an SBI credit card, go for the option you think is feasible according to your needs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I close my SBI credit card online?

Yes, you can close your credit card online by writing an email or logging into the SBI’s Credit Card portal.  

How can I permanently close my credit card?

Call customer care or visit their physical branch to close your credit card permanently. Provide them with all the crucial personal and card-related details to initiate the card-closing process.

How can I close my SBI credit card via a letter?

Write a formal letter stating your credit card closure reasons and some card-specific and personal details. Send this letter to the bank branch where you have an account to initiate the card closure process. 

How do I permanently block my credit card?

You can block your credit card permanently by calling the customer care number on the SBI’s Credit Card portal or sending an SMS. All you will need to do is provide some essential personal and card details accurately.

In what cases should I close my SBI credit card?

You can close your SBI card in case you are not using it to pay bills or make a purchase. Also, if you are planning to upgrade your credit card for enhanced benefits and increased limits, you can close your current SBI credit card.

Can the bank close my SBI credit card account without asking me?

Yes, there are multiple scenarios when banks can close your SBI credit card without any prior notification. These situations include defaulting on payments multiple times, keeping your card inactive, etc. 

When will my SBI credit card be considered closed?

Your SBI credit card will be considered closed only when you have cleared all the outstanding payments. After your SBI credit card has been closed, you will receive an official mail or message regarding the same.

Will I have to close my add-on cards individually?

No, you will not need to take extra steps to close your add-on card separately. Once your primary card is closed, all the associated add-on cards will close automatically without any hassle. 

Will the bank notify me regarding missed payment if I have already applied for cancellation of my SBI credit card?

Yes, if you have applied for cancellation of a credit card, the bank will notify you regarding outstanding balance and missed payments. You will need to clear your outstanding payments first, and only after that will your card closing request be initiated.

After doing the formalities, when will my credit card be officially closed?

As per the guidelines of RBI, your request for credit card closure must be made within seven days of issuing a credit card closure request. So, after clearing your dues, your card will be closed within seven days, and you will be notified about it.  

Will my credit card be considered useless after it is cancelled?

Yes, it will be considered invalid after you receive the confirmation message for cancelling your SBI credit card. You should cut your credit card diagonally and dispose of it properly. 

How to deactivate an SBI credit card safely from home?

You can deactivate your SBI credit card safely from home in multiple ways. These ways include calling the customer care number, sending an official mail to the SBI branch, or even writing a letter stating that you want to close your account. 

What is the easiest way to cancel my SBI credit card?

The easiest way of cancelling your SBI credit card request is to call the customer care numbers 1860-180-1290, 1860-500-1290, 1800 180 1290, and (STD Code) 39-020202. After that, you will need to answer some important details to initiate the cancellation process. 

Will my overall credit limit be hampered if I decide to cancel one of my credit cards?

Yes, closing your credit cards will reduce your available credit limit overall. On such occasions, even regular payments can reduce and increase your credit utilisation ratio, lowering your credit score. 

What are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind before or after starting the procedure to shut the credit card account?

Before closing your account, make sure to pay off all the outstanding dues of the credit. Also, redeem all the rewards and discounts available and cancel all the auto payments set. Additionally, remember not to use the card for payments just before cancellation. 

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