SBI Credit Card Payment - How to Pay SBI Credit Card Bill?

By Mayashree Acharya


Updated on: Jan 31st, 2024


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When you have an SBI credit card, knowing the process of SBI credit card payments is essential as it ensures you clear your dues on time and maintain a good CIBIL score. You can pay your credit card bills in various ways, including online and offline channels. This article covers the bill payment process of SBI credit cards.

SBI Credit Card Payment Online

SBI bank allows various channels to pay your outstanding amount online. Here are some popular modes given by SBI: 

SBI Website

You can pay your credit card bill from the SBI credit card website. Log in to the SBI credit card website and click ‘Pay Now’ and select the amount to make the payment. 


You can make credit card payment online through the Paynet-Pay facility of SBI Bank. Visit the Paynet-Pay page, enter the details and proceed with your SBI credit card payment via net banking, debit card or UPI.

SBI Mobile Banking

SBI mobile banking app also has the option to pay your credit card bill. Simply log in to the SBI Card Mobile App and register your credit card. It will ask for your email ID, mobile number, and amount due to pay your bill. After that, you will be able to complete your credit card bill payment transaction.


First, log in to your bank’s Internet banking facility. Under the third-party transfer option, add your SBI credit card as a beneficiary. Once the card is added, you can transfer the money through NEFT to your SBI credit card to make your credit card bill payment.

NACH (National Automated Clearing House)

You can also use the NACH payment method to pay your credit card bill. It is an automatic payment system that helps you pay all your dues on time. Complete the setup by filling out the e-NACH enrollment form and selecting either the total amount due or the minimum amount due, according to your preference. The amount will be deducted automatically after a bill is generated. 

SBI Auto Debit

Use the SBI auto debit facility to pay your bill automatically. The amount will be deducted from your linked bank account on the due date; this ensures your dues are cleared on time.

Electronic Bill Payment

Credit card bills of SBI can also be paid through the electronic bill payment system. This is available via mobile app, net banking, or ATM of SBI, Indian Overseas Bank, Bank of India and Citibank.

SBI Yono App

You can also make bill payments by using the SBI Yono App. Log in to the SBI Yono app and go to the ‘My Credit Cards’ section. Then, select the credit card for making the bill payment.

Visa Credit Card Pay

Any SBI Visa credit card bill can be paid through this method. Log in to your bank’s net banking portal. Go to the ‘Third Party Funds Transfer’ and choose ‘Visa Credit Card Pay’ to pay your outstanding bills.

Debit Card

You can use your Rupay debit card or any other supporting bank’s Debit Card to pay your SBI credit card bill. Visit the Paynet page and complete the SBI Credit Card payment using your debit card.

SBI Credit Card Payment Offline

Offline channels are also available to complete your SBI credit card payment. The channels are:

Pay via Counter

You can pay your credit card bill at any SBI branch across India, and they will provide you with an instant receipt as confirmation. Just visit your nearest branch, fill out a pay-in slip and submit it to the counter. Collect an acknowledgement receipt from them. It will take 2 working days to reflect in your credit card account.


Cardholders can choose to pay their bills from any SBI ATM with their debit card. Visit your nearest SBI ATM and insert your debit card. Go to the ‘Bill Pay’ option under the services tab. Enter your credit card number and complete the transaction. After payment, you will get an instant receipt from the machine.

What Is the Other Mode of SBI Credit Card Bill Payment?

Besides the above online and offline modes, there is one additional mode to pay your SBI credit card bill. This includes:

Manual Drop Box

SBI bank has 300+ drop boxes to pay your credit card bill. Just drop a cheque at any of them. Find your nearest Dropbox location to pay. You must mention your phone number and name on the back of the cheque. The payee's name should be your ‘SBI Card No. XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX’. ‘XXXX’ is your 16-digit credit card number.

Dropbox clearing timings are 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm from Monday – Friday and 10:00 am to 12:30 pm on Saturdays. It will take a maximum of 4 working days to process your transaction. 

SBI Credit Card Payment BillDesk

You can make the SBI credit card payment through the BillDesk page (Paynet-Pay facility) by following the below steps:

Step 1: Open the SBI card BillDesk page

Step 2: Select the payment method- ‘Card Number’ or ‘Account Number’. 

Step 3: Enter the credit card number or the account number. 

Step 4: Re-enter the card number or account number 

Step 5: Enter your Email address, Mobile number and the amount to pay. 

Step 6: Select your payment method - Internet banking, debit card or UPI and click ‘Pay Now’. 

Step 7: Authorise the payment and wait for 24 to 48 hours for settlement. 

How to Pay Credit Card Bills from Another Credit Card?

In India, most of the banks do not allow you to pay your credit card bill with another credit card directly. However, you can use some indirect channels/methods to do this:

Balance Transfer

Using this method, you can transfer your outstanding dues from one card to another. The new card should have a lower interest rate. It involves the transfer of a portion or all of the outstanding amount to a new credit account. 

Now, you have to pay your bills to the new credit card issuer, and your old credit card bill is paid. This is a lengthy process, and you may have to bear an additional 3%-5% charge for the transfer.

Digital Wallets

You can add money to most online digital wallets using a credit card. Now, you can pay your bill directly from the wallet. Otherwise, you can transfer the amount to your bank account and then pay your bill using the balance. Digital wallets may levy 2%-5% charges if you add money to your wallet from your credit card. 

SBI Credit Card Payment through Debit Card

  • The SBI card BillDesk facility provides a debit card option for SBI credit card online payments. Select your debit card for the pay from option at the final step to pay the bill through your debit card. 
  • You can also pay your credit card bill at any SBI ATM using your debit card.
  • Log in to the SBI credit card website and go to the ‘Pay Now’ option. Select your debit card as the payment method at the final step to make payment through debit cards.

How to Make Payment through Yono via the SBI App?

If you have SBI Yono App on your mobile, you can pay your credit card bills instantly by following these steps:

Step 1: Log in to your SBI Yono app.

Step 2: Visit the ‘My Credit Cards’ under ‘My Relationships’ and select the credit card you want to pay for.

Step 3: Click on credit card details. The card summary page will be displayed. Here, click ‘Pay Now’ option.

Step 4: On the payment page, select your SBI account.

Step 5: Enter the amount (entire outstanding bill or minimum amount due) and click ‘Pay Now’.

How to Make Payment through Yono via the SBI Portal?

The Yono by SBI portal has been discontinued from 1 December 2021. Thus, you cannot make bill payments through Yono by SBI portal. However, you can make payment through the SBI Yono App on your mobile by following the steps provided in the above section.

SBI Credit Card Payment Status

You can check your payment status via these methods:


Visit the SBI credit card website and log in to your account. Go to the ‘My Accounts’ tab present on the left side of the page. Check the unbilled transactions to see the transactions since your last statement. Check transaction history to see all your transactions for the last 24 months.

Chatbot ILA

Use your user ID and password to log in to ILA and ask the chatbot to get your unbilled and recent transactions. 


Call the customer care number of SBI Cards at 1860 500 1290, 1860 180 1290, 1800 180 1290 or 39 02 02 02 (Prefix local STD code) to know the status of your SBI credit card payment. 

Mobile Application

You can download the SBI Card Mobile application and use it to pay credit card bills. Visit ‘Your Account’ to check the status of your credit card payment. See recent and unbilled transactions to find the details.

SBI Credit Card Late Payment Charges

Follow this table to know the late payment charges of SBI credit cards:

Outstanding Amount (Rs.)Late Payment Fees (Rs.)
Above 50,0001,300

Payment Processing Time for SBI Credit Card Payment Methods

Here are some processing times for SBI credit card bill payment via different payment methods–

Payment MethodProcessing Time
Paynet-Pay FacilityInstant credit
Online SBI PaymentInstant credit
Unified Payment Interface (UPI)Instant credit
NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) PaymentInstant credit
SBI ATM Payment2 working days
OTC (Over the Counter) Payment2 working days
(EBP) Electronic Bill PaymentInstant credit
Visa Money TransferInstant credit
Cheque Payment4 working days

You can pay your bills for SBI credit cards easily and instantly from different online channels including net banking, mobile app, NACH, NEFT, BillDesk and more. However, if you are not internet savvy, you can choose to pay offline by visiting a branch or ATM. The important thing is to pay your credit card bills on time and avoid bad reports on your CIBIL score. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I autopay my SBI credit card bill?

To set autopay for your credit card, use the SBI auto debit facility. Download your bank’s auto-debit activation form, fill in the details, and submit it to make payments automatically. Alternatively, you can issue standing instructions via the mobile app or net banking channel to pay your bill automatically. 

How long does it take to pay SBI credit card bill?

The time taken for SBI credit card bill payment depends on the method you are using to pay your bill. For SBI Yono, Online SBI, UPI, NEFT, Visa, money transfer, etc., the amount reflects instantly to your credit card account. For SBI ATM payment and OTC payments, it takes up to 2 working days. For cheque payments, it takes up to 4 working days to reflect on your card.

Can I pay using the SBI card app?

Yes. You can pay your credit card bill from the SBI Card Mobile app. Just log in to the app and go to ‘Pay Now’ from the ‘Account Summary’ page. Enter your registered email ID, mobile number and the amount you want to pay. Select the payment option and complete your payment.

How can I check my SBI credit card bill or statement online?

To check your SBI credit card bill online, log in to the SBI credit card website. Go to the ‘My Accounts’ section from the left-hand side and click on ‘Card Statement’. Now, you can print/view/download your statement for the previous 24 months. 

How do I pay my credit card bill at an ATM?

Visit your nearest SBI ATM and enter your debit card. Go to the ‘Bill Pay’ option under the services tab. Enter your credit card number and complete the transaction. After payment, you will get an instant receipt from the machine. 

Can I pay my SBI credit card bills using any debit card?

Yes, you can pay your SBI credit card bills using any debit card. Use the BillDesk facility to pay using your debit card. In addition, you can go to an ATM to pay your bills. 

How can I make my SBI credit card outstanding payment using my debit card?

SBI credit card bills can be paid through a debit card from any payment app like Paytm, PhonePe, etc. The BillDesk gateway also supports debit cards towards your SBI credit card online payment. You can also pay your bill at any SBI ATM using your debit card. Another way is to visit the official site of SBI Cards and go to ‘Bill Payment’. Select your debit card as the payment method at the final step.

Will I get confirmation of a successful transaction?

After a successful credit card transaction, you can see the transaction reference number and it will be sent as an SMS to your registered mobile number and an email as a confirmation message.

What should I do if the credit card number I have entered is wrong?

If your card number is wrong and not valid, your payment will be automatically reversed to your source of payment. In case you have made a payment to a valid but wrong card number, contact the SBI customer care team immediately for help.

What should I do if the bank from which I wish to make the payments does not feature in the list?

Simply pay your credit card bill using your bank's NEFT system. Your 16-digit credit card number is the bank account number. Complete a NEFT payment using bank account details, and you will be able to pay your bills.

What is SBI Pay?

SBI Pay is a payment solution which allows SBI account holders to pay and receive money using UPI using their smartphones.

How can I register my utility bill payment?

To register utility bill payments with your credit card, visit the SBI credit card website and log in. Go to the ‘Bill Payments’ tab from the left navigation bar. Register the biller and complete your utility bill payment. 

Can a customer make payments through a non-SBI account?

Yes. Your bank will have a UPI platform. Using it, you can pay through a non-SBI account.

If I make a payment on the wrong SBI Credit Card, what should I do?

Contact the customer support team of SBI card immediately for help.

Can I pay credit card bills through other bank UPI apps?

No. Because it is only available from the BHIM SBI app.

Can I pay my SBI credit card payment through NEFT?

Yes. Use your 16-digit credit card number as the bank account number. Complete a NEFT payment by entering your account number details, and you will be able to pay your bills.

What is the interest rate of SBI credit card bill payments after the due date?

After the due date, the interest rate is up to 3.50% per month (42% per annum) if you do not pay your minimum due amount by the prescribed date.

What is the minimum due amount for SBI card online payment?

The minimum due amount is the balance you have to pay on or before the payment due date to continue using your SBI credit card. The due amount is inclusive of 5% of the total outstanding + EMI on EMI-based products applicable taxes.

What are the reward points in the SBI card payment?

You can earn reward points on every SBI credit card. However, each credit card has a different reward system with different redemption options. You can check each credit card feature from the SBI credit card website to check the reward point system.

Can I make an SBI card payment if my card is blocked?

No. You cannot pay if your card is blocked. First, unblock your card and try to make a transaction.

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